U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Flotilla 8-7 AOR

7th District
Division 8 Flotilla 8-7
Englewood, Florida

(Lemon Bay -- Placida Harbor on Florida's Gulf Coast)
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General Member Information

General Forms:

7028: Change of Member Information Form.

7029: Enter your member activity data here.

7030: All missions that you have orders for go on this form.

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All other forms

Forms Warehouse: This is a list of all the forms that the USCG Auxiliary uses

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USCG Auxiliary Informational Databases:

AUXINFO: Direct access to the database.

AUXDATA: USCG Auxiliary Management Information System.

AuxDirectory: Log in with your ID number and password. Use unit no. 070-08-07 for our roster.

Auxiliary Guide to Courtesy and Protocol

Auxiliary National Supply Center: Descriptive listing catalog.

The Breeze: CG Auxiliary 7th District newsletters.

The Navigator Magazine.

D-7 Connection.

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Uniforms and Supplies

Uniform Nametape Company: Sew-on name tapes and insignia.

Lifesaving Systems: Auxiliary PFDs and marine rescue equipment.

C.G. Uniform Distribution Center: Cape May, NJ

2012 Uniform Procurement Guide

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Operations Information

AOM: Information on the AOM system

Operations Policy Manual

Operations: U.S. Coast Guard SAR home page.

Markers in Lemon Bay: Federal Markers on the ICW in Lemon Bay

Distress urgency, and safety calls

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New Member Information

Mentor Guide: This guide gives all you need to know to get started in a mentoring partnership - for both the mentor and the mentee.

Coast Guard Ethos

Coast Guard Diversity Policy Statement

Aux Learning Website

Basic Qualification Modules

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Staff Officer Support

Department of Information Technology: AUXData and web presence support.

Communications Services Guide

National Dept. of Vessel Examination: For Vessel Examiners and Program Visitors.

C-School Portal: Schedules and course information.

US Coast Guard Social Media handbook

U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety

Recreational Boating Safety Websites

Public Affairs

Training Department

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Administrative Information

Pentagon Federal Credit Union: Offering market-leading financial products and services. U.S.C.G. Auxiliary members are eligible to join.

National Do Not Call Registry: Register home and cell phones. A directory of cell phone numbers will be published soon. You can also verify that your phone is registered.

Leadership Development Policy Statement

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